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Photoshop for Dummies – Learning Ways

Learning any software is no more a rocket science now. Online and on CD tutorials are available have been developed in a way that they are very easy to understand in learning any software. Same is the case with Photoshop for dummies. There are people who are not conversant with these tutorials, and they do not know that really works or not. In fact, these tutorials have been developed by professional instructors and teachers. They have developed it in a way that they are easy to comprehend by a layman. Learning through these tutorials offer various advantages, which are discussed below.

• Taking admission in an institute and studying in a college is much more expensive than learning through online or video tutorials. Moreover, with the introduction of web sites, like you tube, it has become very convenient to learn Photoshop, as you will find thousands of videos teaching you the software.

• You don’t have to pay admission fee, instructor fee or other value added funds.

• You do not need to physically go to the class regularly and compromise your professional routine. Just get hold of a CD with tutorial videos, and play that in your own leisure time. This helps in saving a lot of time.

• Learning through video tutorials is more practical. In a class you are taught many unnecessary theoretical details whereas learning through video tutorials allows you to learn the practical things. You are not indulged in unnecessary details.

Along with these advantages, there are few disadvantages of learning through tutorials of Photoshop. First and foremost disadvantage is that tutorials keep you on one line and you learn only what is told. On the other hand, learning from an instructor allows you to clarify your doubts. You can discuss any queries with your instructor and as a result, you can become a better professional.

As most of the time you will be downloading tutorial videos from internet but unfortunately internet is not a reliable source. There are all the likely chances that you can get de tracked by wrong videos in which wrong techniques are told. Moreover, there are countless video tutorials available online. These tutorials are different from each other, as far as working techniques are concerned. It will leave you in state of confusion, as there is no instructor available physically, from whom you can clarify doubts.

Learning in an institution also gives you some certificate or degree, which is a proof of your skills. You will need it once applying for a job. However, learning through tutorials is not acknowledged by any certificate or degree, therefore you are unable to apply for a job in this field, without having a proof of your qualification.

In all, it’s your present employment, which will dictate you to learn the way of Photoshop.  If you are already on a job and working in such environment where your degree does not matter, only your skills matter, then it is better to learn through video or online tutorials. But if you are not on a job, then you must learn Photoshop for dummies from a recognized institute so that you should have an acknowledgement in your hand to apply for a job.

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